The W. A. Glasner Residence

Glencoe, Illinois

Threatened with demolition in 2007, this Frank Lloyd Wright home was purchased by a preservation – minded owner and restored by VHA from 2008 through 2011.  The work touched every facet of the building, including a comprehensive restoration of exterior and interior finishes.

A non-original kitchen and two non-original bathrooms were removed, allowing the first floor to be restored to its original configuration.  Wright’s bath and kitchen were re-instated with period appropriate finishes.

A structural shortcoming in the roof framing was previously addressed with painted steel tie rods, marring the view of the living room.  In collaboration with Robert Silman Associates, VHA designed a stabilization system that allowed removal of the tie rods and restoration of the interiors.

New steel members concealed in the gable and eaves address the structural shortcomings.

A multi-phase plan was developed to restore the original turn of the century landscape.


Structural Engineer: Robert Silman Associates, PC

M/E/P Engineer: IBC Engineering

Landscape: Stephen Christy

Photographer: Eric Hausman