Lake Shore Drive Apartment

Chicago, Illinois

For the renovation of a 1919 Renaissance Palazzo-style apartment, VHA’s design-savvy clients requested an elegant urban home with idiosyncratic moments of wonder.

Working closely with the owners, VHA gutted and re-planned the space, carefully considering each room’s scale and proportion. Distinct rooms are joined by thick wall portals, aligned to create focal points and a sense of openness.

Terrazzo floors with hand-placed glass mosaics unify the project by flowing through open portals. A black slate stair integrates with adjacent wall paneling and floor surfaces.

Custom plaster ceiling moldings vary according to room proportion and establish a setting for many specialty light fixtures.

Custom flooring, millwork and finely tuned bathrooms complete the design for a unique modern interior comfortably integrated within a vintage building.


General Contractor: T and T Construction, Inc.

M/E/P Engineer: Althoff Industries, Inc.

Photographer: Tom Rossiter