The Arts Club of Chicago: Temporary Exhibitions

Chicago, Illinois

Since completing design of the Arts Club's building, VHA has been invited back to design select temporary exhibitions.  Two are featured below.

"Two Clubs" Exhibition Design

VHA collaborated with artist Josiah McElheny on the design of this exhibition, including “The Club for Modern Fashions,” a transparent room furnished in mid-century style where performers and guests interact. 

Set within the main gallery of the VHA-designed building and adjacent to the historic Mies van der Rohe stair, the installation references the club’s history as well as Mies’s historic pavilion architecture.

Bertrand Goldberg: Reflections


Bertrand Goldberg (1913-1997) was a mid-20th century modern architect whose work is an exemplar of individualistic and unique solutions to complex problems. Throughout his career, he maintained a serious and inventive investigation into materials and construction issues. An engineer and intellectual, Goldberg’s vision combined technical knowledge, intellectual reflection, and personal insights that encompassed architecture, urbanism, and progressive social causes.

VHA worked closely with the Arts Club and Jeffrey Goldberg on the design and installation of the exhibition, which featured the architect’s personal collection of art and artifacts, interspersed with Goldberg-designed buildings, furniture, fabrications and jewelry.


Phototographers: All "Two Clubs" photography courtesy of Josiah McElheny, images copyright Josiah McElheny. Bertrand Goldberg: Reflections (The Arts Club of Chicago)